Coffee Lam says noise from toilet incident was from kissing

10 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Hong Kong actress Coffee Lam has revealed that the toilet incident which got her fired from TVB last week was not inappropriate behaviour which the tabloids claimed, and was only kissing.

According to a report on Jaynestars, Coffee Lam explained that she was drunk and even threw up that night when she was out with tycoon Will Lam.

The 24-year-old actress said that Will Lam was the one who pulled her into the disabled public restroom as she was not feeling well due to the alcohol.

She did not clarify this in the beginning as she was worried it might hurt him as she thought he was good person and a filial man.

Coffee Lam confirmed that they did not engage in sexual relations in the washroom but said that Will Lam had kissed her.

When he did, she said it was her natural reaction to let out a groan-like sound.

Their intimate moment was interrupted by a cleaning lady and Coffee Lam said she wanted to leave the scene immediately as she was worried about being discovered in her drunken state.

Coffee Lam also stated that she respects TVB's final decision to terminate her contract but finds it unacceptable that her company thinks she is using the incident as a publicity stunt.

She said, “No one is willing to take their own future, family, and chastity to do such a thing.”

Coffee Lam
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