Co-star felt shy when filming steamy scenes with Lin Chi-ling

11 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

She frolics in a bathtub, dazzles in a bareback gown and gets felt up by Chinese actor Tong Dawei, 34.Lin Chi-ling realised that Switch was her sexiest role to date when certain scenes made headlines in the Taiwanese and Chinese media, reports The New Paper.They include her frolicking in a bubble bath in a bid to seduce Lau's character and Tong kissing her 34C bosom and stroking her legs.Her co-star Tong was quoted in the Chinese media as saying he felt "shy" about the scenes with Lin and apologised to her many times during filming.Her scenes with Tong, 34, who also co-starred with her in Red Cliff Part II, are so steamy that she was worried about how his wife would take it."He's married (to Chinese actress Guan Yue), so I have to apologise to his wife!" said Lin with a laugh."Without giving away too much, the scene where Dawei touched me was appropriate because his character had complicated feelings towards mine."Ironically, it was not too long ago that she cancelled a kissing scene with Taiwanese singer-actor Jay Chou in The Treasure Hunter (2009) and settled for a hug instead."While filming Switch, I didn't think about whether these were my sexiest scenes to date, but now that people are talking about it, I do feel so," she said in Mandarin."While filming, all I felt was that, this role is sexy, bold and coquettish, so the scenes were in line with her character."Lin said the script did not contain detailed descriptions of the steamy scenes but she was not rudely shocked after finding out on set what she had to do."I trusted the director and crew to execute the scenes professionally," she said.But don't expect Lin to take on similarly sexy or sexier roles in future."I try not to do things I've already done before," she said."I like to take risks in the roles I play."

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