Co-founder of Super Junior's S'pore fan club flying to Seoul to comfort Leeteuk's mum

10 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

She was scheduled to fly to Seoul for a holiday this weekend. But Super Junior fan Eurica Yee, 32, brought forward her flight so she could leave for South Korea early today after hearing about the tragedy that struck Leeteuk's family.

The co-founder of Singapore- based Super Junior fanclub Truly Elfs, which has over 1,000 active members, told The New Paper yesterday:

"My heart sank when I heard about the news. It's very shocking and sad.

"Our fan club tried to send some wreaths to the funeral parlour but were told by the florist in Korea that there were already too many wreaths there. 

"The florist advised us not to send so we cancelled the order."

She added: "I decided to head there earlier to pay Leeteuk's mum a visit and see if we can provide any form of support to their family. I've also brought along gifts from the fans in Singapore to pass to her."

Leeteuk's mother co-owns a cafe called Kona Beans with the mothers of Super Junior members Sungmin, 28, and Kyuhyun, 25, in Apgujeong, an affluent area in Seoul.

Both local and international fans of Super Junior frequent the cafe and take photographs with the mothers, who are known to be friendly and chatty.

Ms Yee, who has been supporting the K-pop boy band since 2006 and set up Truly Elfs in 2008, said:

"After I find out from Leeteuk's mother what the family needs most, our fan club will decide what to do next, be it organising some form of cheer support or garnering some financial donations."

Other fans expressed shock and sadness at the news. Miss Tracey Sim, 40, who has been a fan since 2008, said: "I feel sad. It makes me wonder what life is like for these K-pop stars.

Life always seems rosy and glamorous for these celebrities, but we don't know what they go through in their private lives."

She added: "As a fan of Super Junior, all I can do now is continue to give Leeteuk and the boy band my support and leave him alone to have some peace and quiet time to himself to settle his family matters."

Miss Christine Lim, 27, said: "Being a human, it is definitely devastating to hear that something like this has happened to our favourite boy band's leader Leeteuk. It really hurts."

The assistant marketing manager added: "We have to put ourselves in his shoes, understand what he is going through and not bother him for the time being."

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