Clara calls out rude netizen who insulted her

6 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Clara recently modeled in a traditional pictorial with 'K-Wave' magazine in which she donned beautiful hanboks.  She tweeted a picture of herself in one of the hanboks along with the message, "Introducing HANBOK, beautiful Korean traditional dress."

However, a short time later, a very rude netizen presumably of Japanese descent re-Tweeted her post and wrote, "Another ignorant brainwashed korean. British explorers to korean peninsula in the 1880s saw differently," including a link to an article.  

The tweet was written by someone with the ID 'StopKinvasion' and name 'Takeshima.'  (Takeshima is what the Japanese call Korea's long-disputed island, Dokdo.) This user has a history of very nasty and vile tweets, reports Allkpop.

Clara called out to the netizen, responding with, "Takeshima?  Your name is not Takeshima.  Your name is DOKDO & belong to Korea^^ learn more~ & don't send stupid article again!" 

What do you think of Clara's response?

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