Christopher Lee carries Fann Wong around, just to make her smile

23 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

After being together for 12 years, one would expect them to take each other for granted. But local celebrity couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong are still very much in their honeymoon phase despite getting married four years ago.Cynics will be quick to question their undying infatuation with each other. But Lee and Wong, who only meet once a month because of their overseas filming commitments, say absence makes the heart grow fonder.That is why Lee pats her back and counts sheep to her during bedtime, reports The New Paper. Lee also pulls out all the stops to make her smile.For example, the walk from their house in Singapore to the carpark often involves him carrying her in some way or another. Wong said: “Nowadays, when I ask him to carryme on his shoulders, he’ll say ‘˜Baby I’m old already and you’re so heavy’, then I’ll tell him I don’t care and he’ll do it anyway.“When people see me sitting on his shoulders, they’ll look shocked and we’ll laugh, enjoying their reaction.‘

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