Christopher Lee and Fann Wong haven't thought of names for their baby yet

7 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

PHOTO: Catwalk Agency

Singapore's showbiz golden couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee have not thought of names for their baby yet.

But first time dad-to-be Lee says he hopes to spend more time with his child after Wong gives birth, reported The Straits Times.

The 42-year-old actor, who will continue with filming commitments in Taiwan, finally confirmed yesterday that his wife, 43, is expecting their first child after five years of marriage.

"We thank everyone for the blessings. We're sorry we couldn't reveal the good news earlier as there is a Chinese custom that the announcement can be made only after three months of pregnancy," he said in an e-mail interview with Singapore media.

He was all smiles when he made the announcement earlier at a Chinese New Year celebration in Taiwan yesterday morning held by Catwalk, the Taiwanese modelling and artist agency that represents the couple.

"Ever since I've signed on to Catwalk, I've had many good works. Now we are starting the year on a good note on the first day of work. It's really double happiness for us," said Lee, who has starred in Taiwanese drama A Good Wife (2013) and Chinese television drama series The Condor Heroes (2014).

Catwalk revealed that he will be returning to Singapore next month to film a MediaCorp drama.

Wong said in the statement: "I'm finally a mother. The baby and I are healthy. I'm grateful for everyone's well wishes."

She had posted on her own Weibo account in Chinese, saying: "Christopher and I will be welcoming a baby born in the Year of the Horse. We're looking forward to the new life. The baby is doing well and is healthy."

Lee responded to her posting, saying in Chinese: "My dear wife! It's hard on you! Love you! Love the baby!"

Wong also shared the joy on her official Instagram account fannaiaiwong: "Yes, we're having a BABY! Can't wait to see our new little bundle of joy!"

The actress, who is currently in Singapore, ended the post with a message to her hubby in Chinese: "Daddy, we are waiting for your return."

Rumours of her pregnancy emerged after the couple's celebrity hairstylist friend David Gan posted a photo of them last month with their fingers pressed against their lips - as if they were trying to keep a secret - at Wong's 43rd birthday celebration.

The couple's stylist friend Martin Wong said: "I am very happy that she is pregnant. I am sure their baby is going to be very cute. I hope I will be the first one to style their baby."

The good news is all over social media, with fans congratulating the couple.

A spokesman for the locally based Fannatic Fann Club said: "We are extremely excited and happy to know about this great news from the sweetest couple! We have sent all our wishes via social media. We wish Fann and baby best of health and we look forward to meeting little Fann or Chris!"

While Lianhe Wanbao had earlier reported that fans were unhappy that the announcement was not made on homeground, the Fannatic Fann Club spokesman said: "It doesn't matter to us! Good news is good news wherever it is announced!"

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