Chrissie Chau shares surprising story of how she received a diamond ring

29 July 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Chrissie Chau stars in the new movie Break Up 100, and recently spoke out about her past experiences with breaking up.

She said: "Some would immediately toss it out; some cannot stop taking it out everyday to mourn; some would quietly hide it."

According to an article in Hktopten, she revealed that she belonged to the "letting go" type and does not keep too many presents from her exes.

Chau spoke about the viability of a "Break Up Mini Storage" concept and feel that the most attractive part of the concept is anonymous sharing as everyone can observe other people's break-up stories.

She shared of how her friend handled her break-up:

"I also have a friend who used an alternative storage method to handle her break up left over items.

"One day, we all received her invitation to attend a Christmas party at her home.

"Anyone could bring alcohol and food to visit, the only condition was no Christmas present.

"After all the eating and drinking, she suddenly brought over a dozen or so well wrapped presents and said that they were our surprises.

"She said, "Since we are all good friends, please choose one. In the next year, if you have time let's meet for dinner. Then I will tell you the story about this present."

"Actually a year later, she would get married. She did not know how to handle these leftover items from her breakup.

"Finally she decided to give them to a group of good friends she has gone through every relationship with and spend a year to sum up her past romantic experience and welcome a new stage in life.

"When I got home, I opened up this "present" and it was actually a diamond ring! Her relationship was indeed full of surprises." 

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