Chow Yun Fat reveals that he is 'sick' with a disease

7 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Chow Yun Fat is known for being the "best common man actor" as he constantly takes the bus and MTR.

In a Mainland interview, Chow joked that he was not important in the hearts of Hong Kong people. When he took the MTR, everyone would only lower their heads to play with their phones instead of looking at him.

During the programme, Chow picked up a viewer's phone, turned around and took a "selfie" with the viewers. Host Sa Beining asked him why he loved to take selfies and Chow jokingly whispered in Sa Beining's ear, "Don't you know? I am sick, I have selfie disease." 

According to a report on Hktopten, when asked if he would mind that one day young people would say they do not like Chow Yun Fat, he was not worried at all.

"Why do I take the MTR everyday? Because Chow Yun Fat isn't important in the hearts of Hong Kong people. Whether I go from South to North, from West to East, no one cares. They don't have the time to look at me. They are truly too busy, as soon as they sit down they play with their phones. When Chow Yun Fat walks around no one would look at me, I am not important at all." 

Chow also revealed, "I once took a Beijing taxi, and the driver actually declined the fare. His reason was 'I am off duty'. After I used both the carrot and the stick, he finally agreed to give me a ride. All along the way we chatted and laughed, but the driver never recognized me. In the end I could not help but tell the driver, 'I am Chow Yun Fat', but he instead asked who is Chow Yun Fat?" 

Chow can often be seen in different people's photos at different places. He said, "When I was little my family was very poor. I worked a dozen or more jobs when I was very little. Acting was a job. How much money I made, how famous I got, I really wouldn't mind too much. Even when I became a top star, I still liked to freely take the MTR, ride the bus, and shop at the market."

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