Is that Chow Yun Fat? His weight loss is so dramatic, his wife has asked him to see a doctor

28 March 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

In an opening ceremony for Hugo Boss at its Central flagship store last night, Chow Yun fat and his wife Jasmine Tan were invited as guests.

The star, however, looked like a shade of his former self and it was reported that he had lost 40 pounds in a year.

According to an article in Hktopten, this had made his wife very worried and she had asked him to see a doctor.

He joked: "I lost 30 pounds and am down to skin and bones, but when I am thinner, I walk faster."

Some who were at the event said he looked youthful, to which he said: "I went to Wui Chun Tong on Stanley Street and drank some rejuvenation medicine."

He also clarified that he did not lose 40 pounds as reported. He said: "I only lost 30 pounds.

"I started losing weight while working on From Vegas To Macau. Now, it has been nine months.

"Actually I really like to eat, I can really eat,rice, fish, meat and other normal food.

Normally I don't eat at night, only twice during the day.

In the afternoon I have fruits, potatoes, a lighter fare.

However with 30 pounds less I feel very comfortable, I walk faster too. Every week I go hiking, and occasionally I get a back massage."

Photos in the gallery shows before and after pictures of Chow Yun Fat's weight loss, while the rest of the gallery shows dramatic weight loss photos of other celebs.

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