Chinese university's ceremony team turn heads with their innocence and beauty

26 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Pictures of Zhejiang University's Ceremony Team has been making its rounds online on Weibo.

In the photoshoot, the girls were decked out in white lacey cheongsams with blue trims on the collar, sleeves and around the waist.

Some netizens commented on the China Daily forum that the girls were classy and beautiful.

It is common for Chinese netizens to circulate pictures of female student whom they find beautiful, earning these girls their 15 minutes of online fame.

Not too long ago, Dalian University of Art and Design student, Liu Yi Han's fame spread after she was photographed in a military uniform, leading other women through some rigorous drills.

According to via AsiaOne, the university has a tradition of having its juniors participate as student military instructors in the summer.

The gallery also shows other Asian celebs known for their stunning beauty.

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