Chinese news anchor gets hauled off set right in the middle of show

14 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

A young, outspoken TV host got himself hauled off set right in the middle of his show, after expressing something his superiors found undesirable.

News anchor Cui Jianbin was openly admonished openly during a live show on Longshang Channel, a television channel in Hubei, China, after he made a statement about how corrupt officials had wasted the publics' money on shoddily-constructed school buildings.

He is seen reacting to something off camera, then walks off the set with a defeated expression.

After a brief ad break, another host, a woman dressed in yellow, is seen straightening her hair in preparation to take over the segment.

She promptly launches into the next segment after a brief statement about continuing to report the news.

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