Chinese model claims she's been sleeping with Aaron Kwok 'out of love'

3 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

A 24-year-old Chinese model has proclaimed herself to be Aaron Kwok's newest love interest in response to rumours that they were sleeping together merely for pleasure.

Anna Kay (叶熙祺), who's been labelled as a 'voluptuous goddess' by some of her fans, found herself deep in tabloid fodder after she was pictured in the vicinity of Kwok's residence, fuelling speculation that the pair were 'just having fun without any love involved', reported Shinmin Daily.

However, she attempted to quash the rumours by hinting that she was an item with Kwok, saying in an interview that the foundation of two people sleeping together can only be love.

She also said that she has received a prposal ring from her 'boyfriend' and that she hopes to get married in two years.

When asked if Kwok was the guy she was referring to, she would only say that "life is smooth-flowing now with a steady boyfriend who I've beend dating for half a year".

However, Kwok is singing a different tune with regard to this matter. He apparently told reporters who asked him about Kay's interview that he 'does not want to comment'.

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