ChinaJoy gaming expo will fine models as much as $2,000 for showing too much cleavage or wearing skimpy bottoms

21 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

After the tremendous success that Shanghai Auto Show organizers had in eliminating all the sexiness from their event and refocusing attendees' attention instead on the show's real assets.

The administrators responsible for this year's ChinaJoy expo in Shanghai are rumored to be following suit, strictly cracking down on cleavage with exorbitant fines meted out by centimeter of exposed breasts , in order to preserve the purity and sanctity of gaming expos.

Since its launch in 2003, ChinaJoy has grown into the largest annual digital entertainment and gaming expo in Asia.

According to Shanghaiist, it has become the China's biggest event for leering at the cute/crazy cosplayers or snapping creepy photos of scantily-clad showgirls.

Celebrated stars from ChinaJoys of years past include: "Breast Phone Girl" and "Pseudo Women."

But there will be none of this kind of "vulgarity" on display at this summer's event, reports Shanghaiist.

Pictures uploaded to Weibo show a document reported to have been issued by ChinaJoy organizers that details examples of improper employee behavior and dress, along with the fine amount for each indecent act or costume choice.

Showgirls who show off more than two centimeters of cleavage will be hit with a S$1,077 (5,000 RMB) fine.

If their pants also happen to hang more than two centimeters below their waist, that's another S$1,077 (5,000 RMB) penalty.

Then, if they are caught doing any vulgar poses or obscene performances that will cost them a whopping S$2,154 (10,000 RMB).

If a male model gets caught parading around in just his undies, he will be fined S$1,077 (5,000 RMB). Same thing if his pants start below the hip.

Unfortunately, ChinaJoy has yet to address the leaked document or describe how exactly they plan to enforce and measure these infractions.

Many netizens are saddened by the prospect of ChinaJoy regulating outfit choices.

This isn't the first time that officials have instituted a moral campaign to cleanse ChinaJoy's image.

In 2011, the local government set strict limits on the number of showgirls and the amount of breast that could be shown.

They even went so far as to ban bikinis and costumes that exposed more than two-thirds of a showgirl's back.

Browse through the gallery to see booth babes from previous conventions. 

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