Check out Super Junior Kangin's slim and sexy new look

26 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Now, if you are a hardcore Super Junior fan then you know Kangin has always been of a bigger build than the rest of the Super Junior members, excluding Shindong.According to an article in Drama Fever, he has always been more muscular and at one point a few years ago, he revealed that he had been heavier than Shindong.Last April, when Kangin was discharged from the military, he gained a few pounds and looked even heavier than before. However, in a recent photo he just tweeted from South America, he looked like he had lost a lot of weight. He revealed a sharp and slim jawline.He looks amazing, but how do you prefer him? Do you prefer Kangin in his chubbier days or the slimmer version of Kangin?Photos 1 to 7 in the gallery show Kangin's transformation and slimmer self, while the rest of the gallery features other related photos.

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