Charmaine Sheh suffers insomnia after terrifying scene

22 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Even as an experienced actor, Charmaine Sheh suffered from insomnia after filming a particularly horrible scene, reports via Jayne Stars.

Charmaine is currently portraying Ting Siu Ka, a police undercover in TVB action crime drama ‘Line Walker’.

In a Weibo status update last night, she wrote: “Today I filmed an extremely terrifying scene that is too horrible to look back again.

“It had me mentally and physically exhausted and that feeling still hasn’t left me yet.

“The thoughts cannot stop spinning in my head. God! Insomnia again”

However, Charmaine’s suffering was not in vain. Producer Man Wai Hung described her performance as “beyond the caliber of a TV Queen.”

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