Charlene Choi leapt from jeep during accident in Thailand

8 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Returning from her trip to Thailand with friends and her boyfriend William Chan, Charlene revealed that she was not careful and injured herself while driving a jeep. Choi revealed this during a Swarovski Crystal event she had attended with Gillian Chung, Adason Lo and Ken Hung.She said: "Three minutes in, I got into an accident. The vehicle was very heavy and very difficult to control. It did not move when I reached a curve. As soon as I stepped on the gas, the vehicle crossed over to a neighbouring hill, so I immediately jumped out of the vehicle."My foot was pinned on the tire, but fortunately my shoes were very lose so I was alright," she said.(Did her boyfriend come to the rescue?) "Everyone was laughing and even dubbed the curve where I crashed 'Ah Sa curve.'"Meanwhile, Ah Gil revealed that when she took her driver's license exam previously, her driving instructor did not know she was. "I was learning how to drive at the time and I told the instructor that there are reporters up ahead. The instructor said, reporters do not even know you. After my lesson, I asked him to bring me to a taxi station. He said there is no need to take a taxi, just take the bus! Hilarious!" Photos 1 to 3 in the gallery are of the stars during the Swarovski Crystal event, while the rest of the gallery show photos of Charlene Choi.

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