Chapman To willing to bare all in front of camera for charity

7 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Hong Kong actor Chapman To has indicated that he will bare it all in front of the camera -- if it was for charity.

To went into the topic of going nude in front of the camera at an interview when he revealed an advertiser had approached him to pose topless for an advertisement campaign.

He caught the eye of the advertiser thanks to his chiselled figure that he obtained from undergoing physical training for his film, Naked Ambition 2 last year.

While he has attempted to lose weight several times, only to gain it all back quickly, in the past, he has surprisingly maintained his figure now.

That got reporters quizzing as his willingness to go nude for a project, like Tsui Kam Kong did in a photo book.

"Tsui Kam Kong's figure has always been my life goal. (Photographer) Wing Shya said that he would shoot the photo book for me. If it is for charity, I don't mind," To mused.

"If anyone is willing to see it, I can bare all! When I made Naked Ambition 3D, I did not tape up the 'important areas' either.

"All the girls there were naked, so it would be very lame if I hid left and right."

To also spoke about how the weight loss has had a positive impact on his life.

He said: "The doctor said I am all better. Now my diet is back to normal. My weight and shape haven't rebounded.

"The doctor said that the human body has memory. I was on the program for half a year, so my body has lost all the memory of my fat -- unless I pig out for a month now.

"I haven't been drinking but I tried not to go out. I don't want to binge drink, which is pointless and harmful to the body.

"I will turn 42 soon, I have to take care of my body. Health is the most important."

Ah Jat has also revealed he has fallen in love with exercising, and currently go on a two-hour work out session three days a week.

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