Chapman To's facebook photo with AV actress reported as inappropriate

1 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Chapman To Man Chak posted promotional stills from his film NAKED AMBITION 3D (HO CHING 3D) on Facebook yesterday, and he held a seemingly naked adult video actress in one of them.

According to a report on Hktopten, someone laeter reported the photo as inappropriate. Chapman was very upset and rebutted, "This isn't sex, it's NAKED AMBITION!"

In another photo, he pointed at an adult video's chest on a monitor, which was also reported. He said, "I can't even cover it up? Do you want us to shoot in jackets?" Fans then replied in support.

Ah Jat said, "You can keep reporting my photos, but if you think doing so can make me fail, you are too naive! It is easy to take stabs, but NAKED AMBITION is hard to stop!

Later, even his childhood student photos were reported too. Some fans jokingly posted that Chapman's four eyed student photo was too dirty.

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