Chapman To opens up in stand-up comedy

27 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Chapman To had the last show of his three-night stand-up comedy act Ka La Show ended on Monday (feb 25), and had the support of his wife Kristal Tin and good friends Edmond Pang, Natalie Tong and Derek Tsang there.In the previous two shows, Chapman had invited sexy goddesses Chrissie Chau and Dada Chan as guests to act as astronauts at his show, but for the last night, he invited Fiona Sit, who only had an average body figure, to be his guest. According to an Oriental Daily report, the staff met with a surprise when they helped Fiona into the astronaut costume -- it turns out Fiona's cup size went from an A cup to a C cup.Chapman suddenly started ridiculing Fiona in public: "Your neck is long and shoulders so narrow, but it's odd your 'balls' (breasts) are so big. Where can you find such a big bra in your house?"Fiona immediately refuted him: "I made a special trip to Korea to get a boob job, I borrowed the bra from my mom" before Chapman took Fiona and rumored boyfriend Khalil Fong to joke with, which made Fiona really embarrassed.He said: "I hope you can really 'pick up' Khalil Fong and Jaycee Chan as soon as possible! Your breasts are so big, Jaycee will definitely like you!" Later, the two continued the conversation about the past and at one point, Chapman gave Fiona a hug, but criticized her again: "I told you not to use flat things! Why is your breast so hard!" Chapman made the audience laugh nonstop. Chapman also disclosed his history of being a playboy back when he still worked at ATV and frankly expressed he's grateful that his wife had been so loyal to him. Chapman concluded with a declaration of love to Kristal. He expressed to the audience, telling them not to misunderstand that a successful man means he has a lot of women, actually having just one good woman is considered successful. He hopes the men out there will be able to find their Kristal Tin, just like he did. Sitting in the audience, Kristal became so emotional, she teared up. After the show, the couple met backstage and engaged in a passionate kiss, and even kissed another few times for the media to take pictures. Kristal expressed she did not know Chapman would talk about his playboy history, and frankly expressed Chapman deliberately tried hide it from her, "I went to his rehearsals, but he only rehearsed the first part of the show. Usually when he's at home reading the script, he doesn't read out loud and even puts the script under his pillow!" As for Chapman praising she's a good wife? Kristal said with teary eyes: "He placed the limelight on me. He knows how to appreciate my strengths, I feel very lucky to have married him." Chapman expressed he does not plan to add more shows, but is holding another talk show in Macau in July. If there is good response, he will consider performing overseas and other countries: "There aren't as many restrictions in Macau. When the time comes, I'll be using more profanity in the talk show! However I won't consider holding a talk show in Mainland." When asked how he's going to make up to his wife? He said: "Take good care of myself and her, that would be enough! (Your wife cried?) She feels sinful, it's not tears of happiness, but rather she knows she has her own hardships."

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