Chapman To makes lame joke about Joey Yung on stage -- and gets scolded

31 March 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Yesterday, Artiste Chapman To (杜汶澤) attended a musical concert and on the stage, where he revealed that he had invited the boss of Emperor Group, Albert Yeung (楊受成) to invest in an Emperor Group movie, Diva, and wished to groom Joey Yung (容祖兒) to get the Movie Queen Award.

However, Joey did not win any awards and Chapman was awarded the Best Male Actor for 19th Hong Kong Critics Society Award Ceremony, reports an article on Asian E-news Portal.

As Chapman was commonly known to crack jokes, he jokingly mentioned that he was stupid to choose Joey and said, "She happened to be at the back stage and that is when I realised I was stupid to choose her. I will dedicate a song to her and hope she will not bump into an unfortunate guy similar to me."

Once the speech was released, Joey reprimanded Chapman through a social networking site. She pointed out that he hurt people to make himself happy and he was the only hated person she hated in the entertainment industry.

Joey wrote, "Civilian Hero, Chapman To: I always play my part well and work hard once an opportunity is given. To get the Movie Queen award is never my intention to film the movie, Diva. You are an adult. When you will learn not to create rumours and step on others to raise yourself?

"You helped me before and I appreciate it. However, your speech only hurt people to make yourself happy and I can no longer to tolerate it anymore. Regardless how hard you try to disguise yourself to me, you are still the only hated person in the entertainment industry. A leopard indeed never changes it spots and God will also have fire."

As for Chapman, he realised that his speech angered Joey and immediately tried to 'extinguish the fire' by apologising though Facebook.

Chapman wrote, "On the stage during the musical concert last night, I was trying to make the atmosphere lively and created a joke without considering it clearly.

"Now, I would like to give my sincere apology to Ms Joey. I do not feel regret in any speeches throughout my life and this is the only exceptional case, as I treasure our friendship. Thank you for giving me the title, Civilian Hero.

"After this incident, I will crack lesser and unnecessary jokes. I do not ask for your forgiveness but hope everything is well for you. Sorry!"

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