Chapman To begs media to leave him alone after offending Joey Yung

21 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Chapman To said the wrong words which offended Joey Yung while attending an event, reports ON.CC.

When asked if he will be more careful when talking next time, Chapman replied "It is better to talk less when it is not related to work."

When asked about Joey expresseing that she did not receive his apology over the phone, Chapman said "I have no comments. I only talk about work-related and will talk less if it is not related to work.

(Wish your friendship with her is as good as before?) I will not talk unless it is work-related."

Asked if he will feel embarrassed working in the same company with Joey, Chapman said "I have no reply unless it is work-related."

When talked their boss, Albert Yeung described them as small kids who had a tiff, Chapman replied "Mr Yeung is a big shot and it is better not to reply when a big shot makes his comment, as I am a small kid."

Recently, Chapman even begged the media to let him off: "Please 'Chok' me with less words and I will talk less too."

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