Celeb twin sisters Jayley and Hayley Woo will wear many things -- but not a bikini

9 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

The Woo twins could very well become the Olsens of Singapore.

The 22-year-olds were popular bloggers even before fame beckoned.

Now, together and individually, they have starred in movies and TV shows.

Jayley is an alumnus of The New Paper New Face 2011 and her fame took off soon after. She is one of the rising stars in the MediaCorp stable and was most recently voted Babe of the Year in the The New Paper Flame Awards.

Hayley — older by five minutes — followed soon after. She has signed with JM Entertainment and has two shows coming up: TV series Zero Calling (Channel 5, airing next month) and movie Filial Party (airing in May).

Even though their successes have taken different paths, the twins are in a mutual admiration club, reported The New Paper.

Said Jayley, describing their different styles: “If we were to wear the same outfit, you’ll be able to tell how we each have our own style.

“But I am in awe at times when she’s able to carry something I can’t with an air of elegance and poise.”

And Hayley was equally complimentary about her twin.

“I like the way she mixes and matches, and how she can still carry off a super girly dress.”

The pair said they discovered their individual styles when they were about 15 years old. But like all twins, their parents made them dress alike.

Hayley said: “Our parents made us wear the same pattern in different colours when we were young. When we started hanging out with friends after school, I realised that we needed to dress differently to help our friends recognise us!”

Even though they have different styles now, the sisters have a thing in common when picking clothes: Comfort.

“Comfort over anything,” Jayley said.

“I must be comfortable with it, if not, I’ll feel really insecure and it’ll definitely show.”

Both agree on the bikini: They won’t wear one.

Hayley said: “I have to develop my abs before I can show it!”


Jayley usually wears jeans when she is making appearances.

But she has chosen this green dress because “I want to change my image”.

Hayley described her work outfit of an off-white jacket and a black sequinned top as “very getai”.

“It’s my battle outfit. I used to wear this for auditions. I hardly wear it now, but I like how the shoulders give me shape.”


Jayley’s combo of jacket, tank top and a pair of Angela Baby shoes is her go-to look when she’s just hanging out.

“I like the rib cage print of the tank because it makes me feel skinny!”

Hayley’s get-up of a lace dress is decidedly more feminine.

"I like neutral colours,” she said.


When asked to pick an outfit that meant something special to them, Jayley picked a floral dress.

“I wore this in 2012, when I attended the finals of The New Paper New Face.

“It meant something to me because I was back as part of the alumni.”

Her sister’s choice is based on friendship.

Hayley picked the cardigan from Catzme at *Scape because it was a gift from her friend.

She said: “Friendship is hard to come by these days. People will suddenly contact you when you’re in the limelight.

“She has been my friend from the start.”


We requested that the sisters don’t tell each other what they were bringing to the shoot.

But when asked to pick an all-time favourite outfit, both brought jumpers — Hayley’s bought in Taiwan, Jayley’s in Hong Kong — that the other had got for her.

Let’s cue the “awww”s now.

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