Celeb couple Tavia Yeung and Him Law are butt of StarHub TVB Awards emcee's jokes

2 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

It was a night when the best in TVB dramaland were honoured at Saturday's StarHub TVB Awards 2013.

Hit airline-drama sequel Triumph In The Skies II scored the biggest win of the night with four awards - My Favourite TVB Male and Female TV Character, My Favourite TVB Drama and Singapore Media's Favourite TVB Drama - out of 20 categories.

But all eyes, and jokes, were on the off-screen couples - especially Tavia Yeung and Him Law - much to the amusement of the full-house, 2,000-strong audience at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre, reported My Paper.

The master of ceremonies, Taiwanese host King Kong, pounced on every opportunity to make fun of Yeung, 34, and rumoured beau Law, 29 - a seemingly open secret in Hong Kong showbiz.

Later, during interviews, the good-natured and lively Yeung said in jest: "I wanted to take off my heels (to throw it at King Kong), but refrained from doing so to maintain my poise."

My Paper takes you backstage to hear what the stars have to say.

Some celebrities throw a fit when asked about their love lives. But not Yeung and Law, who were pretty savvy in handling the media that night.

When asked when she will be officially made Mrs Law, the witty Yeung bantered with the reporters and pretended not to hear Law's name.

When the hunky Law was asked the question in turn, he replied: "If my drama character's surname is Mr Law, and I marry her in the show, then she will be Mrs Law."

Voted as the audience's favourite TV couple, actress Niki Chow and actor Bosco Wong were equally at ease offstage - even taking potshots at each other.

The cheeky Chow, 34, said in mock horror to a reporter: "You dared to mention Myolie Wu's (Wong's former girlfriend) name in front of him!"

Later, the 32-year-old Wong exacted his revenge by spilling the beans on Chow's rumoured budding romance, only to have the actress playfully chase him out of the room.

Sweet-faced actress Christine Kuo, 30, has received much flak for her burgeoning weight in recent months.

Turning up in a black gown that showed off her voluptuous figure, the Taiwanese-Canadian candidly revealed that her battle with weight was due to the emotional stress of not adjusting well to the Hong Kong culture.

The graceful Kuo, who grew up in Canada, said: "I believe what's important is for a woman to be healthy. It's okay to have curves, one doesn't have to be stick-thin."

Up-and-coming TVB actress Mandy Wong, 30, has no qualms taking on nasty roles that annoy the audience to no end.

Wong, who was propelled to fame by her convincing portrayal of a selfish spitfire in the 2012 drama L'Escargot, said: "That's the beauty of acting. You can go all out and do things that you normally wouldn't do in real life."

To which her humorous fellow TVB star, Kenneth Ma, 39, quipped: "That's why I want to play a character with many girlfriends."

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