Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu heats up the screen with passionate kiss scene

22 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

After popular Mainland series Sound of the Desert aired, Cecilia Liu and Eddie Peng‘s onscreen chemistry was speculated to be a result of mutual attraction.

When the drama was filmed last year, it was rumored that the pair was involved for six months although Cecilia was secretly dating Nicky Wu at the time.

Cecilia and Eddie’s kiss scene in Sound of the Desert heated up screens, reported JayneStars

They insisted on filming the scene in water because they wanted a more realistic effect. While the scene where Eddie kissed her shoulder was tolerable and within her limits, Cecilia firmly drew the line at further passionate scenes: 

“The safety procedures were done really well and I didn’t give it too much thought. However, you can tell that it was freezing cold. When we were done filming, I turned pale. I went from purple to white.”

However, Cecilia laughed off the rumors that claimed she and Eddie were involved with each other. Since officially announcing her relationship with Nicky Wu last year, Cecilia was spotted at Nicky’s house several times. Although countless marriage rumors have surfaced, Cecilia said that they “have not discussed it”.

Eddie Peng Not Interested in Being Third Party

Eddie responded that he is not interested in dating a woman who is already in a relationship. Denying his rumors with Cecilia, Eddie said that the press liked to romantically link co-stars together even when there was nothing between them.  “It looks like I have to clarify once– the media reports are very scary. But I want to reassure everyone that being a third party is not my specialty.”

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