Cecilia Cheung would still marry Nicholas Tse if she could travel back in time

23 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

During a recent radio interview, Cecilia Cheung was asked if she would marry her ex-husband, Nicholas Tse again if there was a time travel machine.

Cecilia initially mistook time travel machine for a projector and said she never thought about it, reports Takungpao via Asian Pop News.

When asked if she would choose to marry Nicholas again, the divorced Cecilia actually responded, “I would! (Even if you knew that you would end up in divorce?) Yes, because god is a good director. If I have not experienced all these, I would never grow up. I would be escaping from reality if I try to return to the past.”

Even though her marriage ended up in divorce, Cecilia said that she would still want to have children again if she gets married one day.

Cecilia seldom talks about her past relationships because she “never looks back.”

“The past is history. Everyone should respect one another. I like to view a person’s weakness as his strength. I have many weaknesses too. It’s just one word: tolerance.”

Sharing that she would still want to experience dating again, the Hong Kong actress said, “It’s just like skating. When I want to do certain movement, I will continue doing it even if I fall down. I am not trying to win, but you have to do it all the way if you start it. Just like dating, once you fall in love, you just have to commit your love completely.

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