Cecilia Cheung says she is the happiest divorced woman

15 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: JaynestarsCecilia Cheung (張柏芝) accepted an earlier interview for a parent-child show hosted by her good friend, Albert Au (區永權). In the interview, she spoke about the changes she underwent since her divorce with Nicolas Tse (謝霆鋒) in 2011. She had learned a lot, and became a stronger person. In fact, Cecilia expressed that she feels like she is the happiest divorced woman. Cecilia believes that she should always live in the moment and cherish each second. Also, she has learned that promises are just illusions. She needs to shut her eyes to understand herself and let go instead of insisting upon something. When problems occurred in Cecilia’s marriage, she did not want to go to others for help, because she feels that everyone views love differently. If she knows what she truly wants for herself, she will not regret her own decisions.“Everyone has done something wrong. Your actions at that moment were what you had wanted to do, so don’t regret it. I had unhappy times when I cried in the night. When I woke up the next morning, I had to regain myself. There were times when I hid in the bathroom while I hugged myself and cried. "I made no noise, and only tears came out, because I was afraid my kids would hear me.‘ Cecilia said frankly. Facing strong burdens within her family, she revealed that she appears to be a strong person to the outside world, but she is frail when she returns home.Resuming single status, it was the first time Cecilia revealed in the media that she has many pursuers around her. However, she admitted that no one is suitable. “I always give others the impression that I like handsome guys, but I actually like people with a good heart. I want to have a daughter, but that depends on God. It’ll come when it comes. I don’t want to specifically think about it.‘ She said.Regarding her two sons, Lucas and Quintas, Cecilia said, “Right now Lucas is beginning to learn about the divorce. Quintas still does not know, and I don’t want to disturb young children. When they want to know, they will slowly understand.‘Cecilia further expressed that she thinks it is fine if she were to marry another man and perhaps has a daughter one day. “My sister and I have different fathers, but I still regard her as my biological sister. Maybe it’s because I experienced this myself. I believe that I need to teach and explain to children. If they ask something that I can’t respond to, then I won’t respond.‘

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