CCTV News gets makeover with good looking young anchors

5 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Young and good-looking faces on China’s CCTV news channels have created buzz on the net in China.Maydaily reports that the latest fresh face on the network is Wang Yinqi, a former student at Communication University of China.It is alleged that she had to pass multiple tests to report the news at 3am starting Jan 19, as an intern.She joins the likes of fellow young and good looking anchor Hu Yuexin. Netizens have mused that Yinqi is a perfect match for Yuexin.Yuexin also attended Communication University of China, and with his good looks and relaxing news voice has been dubbed the “new Mr Right.‘Check out two of CCTV's new faces in the gallery below.

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