Carrie Ng publicly shamed and called a husband-stealer -- for being a sex symbol

23 October 2013 / 2 years 12 months ago

It's not easy being a sex symbol.

In a recent interview for TELLING MARIA 2, Carrie Ng shared that she had been labelled a husband-stealer, stared and pointed at in public because of the roles she played.

Carrie graduated from the 10th TVB Artist Training Class, her classmates included Tony Leung Ka Fai and Anthony Wong Yiu Ming. In 1993 with REMAINS OF A WOMAN (LONG SUM YU TEET) and with THE KID (LAU SING YU).

In 2000, she won the Golden Horse Best Actress and the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress respectively.

She said "Because of my sex symbols of long hair and red lips, I was labeled a bad woman. In THE SEASONS (GWAI JIT) I played a third party who got in between Ngai Kwok Leung and (Meg) Lam Kin Ming, on the streets people pointed at me and yelled at me for stealing someone's husband."

Ng Ka Lai has worked with many male artists on love scenes, including a bathing scene with Chow Yun Fat in CITY ON FIRE (LUNG FU FUNG WON). She has kissed stars like Andy Lau Tak Wa, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Simon Yam Tat Wa.

The most memorable was her kiss with Leung Ka Fai in SENTENCED TO HANG (SAM LONG KEI ON). "We were too tense, we only found out after the shoot that our lips were bleeding from the kiss."

Ng Ka Lai recalled her romantic history. Her widely known relationship with inspector Wong Wing Kei ended when a third party appeared.

She also admitted that she questioned her own sexual orientation after a kiss scene with an actress.

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