Carina Lau so sure of winning Best Actress award that she almost fainted when she didn't

13 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Carina Lau Ka Ling was interviewed on Telling Maria 2 earlier, where she made a few revelations. Starting tonight, she will be featured in four episodes.

On the program, Ka Ling shared that when she and Tony Leung Chiu Wai were dating, he would propose to her whenever the moment got romantic, reports an article on Hktopten.

Each time, she felt the time was not right. Then in 2007, she proposed. At the time Wai Jai asked why she decided to get married at this age, and Ka Ling explained that it was because of her regret.

Ka Ling even revealed memories of working with Wong Kar Wai. Once he made her do 27 takes without any reason. She, Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, Wai Jai, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Andy Lau Tak Wa auditioned for DAYS OF BEING WILD (AH FEI JING JUEN) in the Queen's Cafe.

Hok Yau was the first and ate several dozen plates of pasta in 3 hours. When it was Ka Ling's turn, she was given a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and told to do whatever she wanted. She believed that Wong Kar Wai wanted to shatter their original acting methods, and thus she fell for Wong Kar Wai's persistence in film.

When she competed for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress with this film, she thought she would win for sure as the other three nominees did not attend.

Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) was the guest presenter and told Ka Ling to prepare a thank you speech. In the end when she lost, she almost collapsed.

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