Car crash that killed 2 Ladies' Code members: Manager sentenced to 14 years' jail

19 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

The trial of Mr. Park, Ladies' Code's former road manager, has been concluded on January 15. The final verdict which was decided on by judge Jung Young Hun, was read to the defendant and he was sentenced by the court for a year and 2 months in jail.

Mr. Park, 27, was the one driving the van on the night of accident on September 3, 2014. The tragic car crash killed two members of Ladies' Code, seriously injured Sojung, and hurt Zuny, Ashley, and the stylist riding with them, reports Kpopstarz.

According to the decision of the judge, the manager (Mr. Park) is being charged for smashing the van into the road barriers as he, the Ladies Code members, and a staff were on their way back to Seoul.

The impact of the collision instantly killed EunB and left RiSe in critical condition. RiSe passed away one day after EunB's funeral. Sojung underwent surgeries to correct fractures on her face, while Ashley and Zuny, although only sustained minor injuries, had to stay at the hospital too, for the shock and emotional turmoil that they'd suffered due to the accident.

During earlier investigations, it was initially assumed that the van had smashed into the barrier after one of the van's rear tires got detached. But, as the police carried out more detailed inspections, it was ruled that the real cause was "overspeeding."

Mr. Park then said that the wheel disengaged and that was why they got into the accident. However, the NSCIL (National Scientific, Criminal & Investigation Laboratory) concluded that the wheel fell out because of the strong impact of the bump. Therefore, the driver is responsible for the crash.

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