Botched boob job leaves woman with only one breast

3 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

A young woman in China is devastated after a botched breast implant surgery left her with only one breast and unsightly scars on the left side of her chest, reports AsiaOne.

Zhejiang Television's video report showed the agitated woman screaming for her husband after she found out that her left breast had been removed.

Last year, 24-year-old Ms Liu spent over 40,000 yuan (S$8,700) on breast implants to increase her cup size from A to B to improve her figure for her wedding.

After receiving the implants, Ms Liu experienced discomfort and pain in her breasts for about half a year.

She was found to be suffering from capsular contracture, a complication in which scar tissues squeezed the breast implants.

According to Apple Daily Hong Kong, the young woman underwent a second operation to treat the condition on June 26, but was alarmed to wake up from the surgery to find one of her breasts missing.

However, staff from the plastic surgery clinic insisted that they only removed the implant and not the entire breast as the patient had claimed.

They also said that Ms Liu has an underlying heart condition which made her body reject the foreign object.

The clinic and Ms Liu are currently negotiating a 500,000 yuan compensation deal.

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