Bosco Wong: "I don't owe Myolie any money"

16 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu have broken up for over a year, but recently it was reported Bosco changed the name of his HK$4million and Sha Tin property to his ex-girlfriend.

The news became a hot topic. Myolie explained she purchased the property from Bosco and only got the name change two years later because she didn't want to pay taxes.

However, it was rumored Bosco lost money in stocks and owes Myolie HK$5 million, so he had to give her the property to pay off the debt?

Yesterday Bosco attended an event and clarified the rumor. He expressed he and Myolie have no financial connection.

Bosco was asked about letting Myolie have his Sha Tin property, he expressed he's been so busy with work and his mother handled everything. He does not know how much he sold the property for. Asked about the rumor that he owed Myolie, thus he gave her the property?

Bosco laughed: "For what reason? I want to know too. This is personal, I don't have to explain it publicly." It was rumored you lost HK$5 million in stocks and had to sell the property? Bosco said he has never lost money in stocks, so how could that be possible? Did he ask Myolie to borrow money? Bosco asked reporters back, why would he have to ask her to borrow money? He said he has no financial issues.

Is Myolie taking over his personal business? He expressed questions that are too personal, he does not have to answer and stressed he and Myolie do not have any financial connection.

Also, yesterday it was Bosco's 33rd birthday. Did Myolie send him a SMS to wish him a happy birthday? He said no and he does not mind at all. He recently became an Oyster restaurant owner and is welcoming Myolie to come try, it will be a treat on him.

Myolie wrote a long response on Weibo to clarify the rumors:

"I've contemplated for a while and decided I must clarify this issue. Initially this was a very simple transaction that had nothing to do with money, but it turned into big headlines that is getting more and more exaggerated. I feel the need to clarify that nobody owes me money and in all my relationships, I've always been financially independent. I really don't understand why everyone just won't move forward? I really don't want to see or respond to any of these reports again. I don't want the media to keep asking me the same questions of whether I've sent birthday blessings or whether I'm going to visit his restaurant, or anything related. What I want to say is, I truly really really wish Bosco all the best whether if its his career, business or love life, I wish him happiness. Is that ok?"

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