Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu awkwardly avoid each other at event

1 March 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Ex-celeb couple, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu kept their distance at a dinner reception yesterday. This was the first time they bumped into each other after the announcement of Bosco and Vanessa Yeung's relationship

Arriving at the reception for TVB senior executive, Tommy Leung who will be departing to hold a new position at Shaw Brothers Studios, Myolie anxiously asked for the location of Tommy.

When she spotted Bosco nearby, she thought that the reporters deliberately wanted to hook them up. Turning back to the reporters, Myolie said, “You guys are very bad!”

According to articles on Asian Pop News Asian Enews Portal, she then took a longer route to avoid bumping into her ex. Likewise, Bosco also immediately walked off after an interview when he spotted Myolie.

Myolie denied that she felt awkward seeing Bosco and said that she had not been following his relationship with Vanessa Yeung. When asked about her thoughts on their relationship, she said, “I give them my blessings. I hope that artistes will have more personal space when they are dating.”

In her past relationship with Bosco, Myolie enjoyed a good relationship with his mother. Responding on reports that said Bosco’s mother did not like Vanessa, Myolie said, “It’s just rumour! I am not convenient to comment. I hope that they will be happy too.”

Bosco was also being grilled about rumours of his mother’s disapproval on Vanessa. He said, “How can that be? You know better than my mum!”

Bosco lamented that there were different stories everyday about his new relationship. “Let us handle ourselves. We don’t have to let 7 million people to witness everything about our relationship.” There is news everyday. You guys are tired too. Give us a road to walk!”

When asked if he was willing to take a photo with his Myolie, Bosco exclaimed, “You guys are so troublesome!” Both did not take a photo together eventually.

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