Bobby Au-Yeung's condition has improved after pneumonia scare

14 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

On Tuesday morning (Feb 12), veteran TVB actor Bobby Au-Yeung was rushed into the intensive care unit for treatment after he suffered acute pneumonia. At one point, the 52-year-old was unconscious and said to be in critical condition, reports Groove | Asia.Fortunately, Bobby's condition became better in the afternoon and he regained consciousness. However, he was not fully awake due to the medications he was on.It has been said that the actor's health has been deterioating in the past year. While filming his new TVB series, Love Reserve Three Lifetimes of Fate, he suffered discomfort in his chest. He also fell sick recently on Chinese New Year's Eve (Feb 9) and was unable to go to work.After Bobby got admitted into the ICU, everyone has been worried about him. Just before he became unconscious, he was celebrating the Lunar New Year with friends.Because he was in a critical condition, he was sent to the ICU. His wife accompanied him.Once the news of Bobby's hospitalization broke out, a large group of reporters rushed to the hospital for interviews.At 2pm that afternoon, Bobby's manager (Lydia) was leaving the hospital and accepted interviews. She revealed: "Bobby is doing ok! He regained consciousness. He had acute pneumonia, perhaps it was caused by him eating too fast and the food went down to his lungs."When asked if the rumours of Bobby drinking too much were true, she denied it and said: "Last night, he celebrated with friends, but it should not have anything to do with alcohol".She also said that although Bobby is fine for now, he will have to remain in the ICU for observation while his lungs also need to be treated properly. He'll probably have to rest for several days.

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