BoA was bullied mercilessly in school, reveals her mum

6 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

BoA's mother Sung Young Ja appeared on the June 5 installment of SBS's 'Good Morning' and talked about her daughter, revealing that she had been bullied during school when she was younger, reports allkpop.

She said, "BoA debuted at an early age and grew out her hair (while doing entertainment activities). One day, her sunbaes (seniors) dragged her to the bathroom and pulled at her hair, asking her why she grew out her hair. There were people using the 'senior' card."

She continued:

"BoA had a very hard time whenever stuff like that happened. However, the principal said, 'BoA is active as a celebrity, so please understand.' 

"Fortunately, the love and care around BoA gave her strength."

The MCs said, "We feel like she might have had a lot of difficulties while going to school."

BoA's mother revealed that the singer was unable to graduate and had dropped out.

Her older brother Kwon Soon Hwon added, "BoA studied at an overseas school and passed the qualification exam for middle school within two weeks. For high school, she passed the qualification exam within three months. She prepared the groundwork that enabled her to promote after a quick education."

Sung shared more about her daughter's path to stardom:

"I wanted BoA to become a professor. She would always round up the younger kids and be great at teaching them something. I told her to become a professor since she excelled in her studies and she was bright.

"However, BoA loved singing and said this was something she really wanted to do. So she began practicing as a trainee while attending school.

"Her album came out while she was still in school.”

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