Better to avoid circle lenses: They are making Rainbow's Jaekyung suffer

30 January 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

KBS 2TV's 'Vitamin' recently covered the growing health problems regarding this generation's eyes from constant viewing of screens including TV, cell phones, and PCs.

The people appearing on the show went through various tests to check the condition of their eyes, reports an allkpop article.

One of these participants was Rainbow BLAXX's Jaekyung, who turned out to have serious dry eyes and other warning signs suggesting increased threats to her eyes' health due to frequent wear of circle lenses.

Jaekyung said, "My vision was never that good so I normally always wear glasses, but I have no choice but to put on lenses when I am promoting.  As long as I have to wear lenses, I wear circle lenses often because I want to look pretty.

"However, if I put on lenses and end up filming all night, my eyes feel dry and stiff so I later start feeling pain, too."

The eye doctor Kim Tae Jin, who was participating as a specialist on the show, said, "Due to Jaekyung frequently wearing circle and soft lenses for long periods of time, there are serious symptoms of dry eyes.

"From now on, she needs to minimize the amount of time she wears lenses and wear soft lens that has a high level of oxygen permeation."

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