Believe it or not, Taiwanese starlet Yao Yao finds it a challenge to be sexy

26 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Despite having broken into show business by flaunting her 32E-cup assets, buxom Taiwanese starlet Yao Yao says being sexy for the camera is a challenge for her.

According to an article in The Straits Times, on her latest film role as a bar hostess in Taiwanese movie Escapee, the 23-year-old says: "It's a breakthrough for me. I used to think that crying scenes would be the toughest for me when it comes to acting. Then I realised it's even harder to act sexy.

"You have to be sexy with ease and I find that difficult," adds the performer, in her signature saccharine sweet voice.

She was in town on Tuesday to promote her upcoming performance at music festival Spring Wave in Singapore on June 7.

"You have to exude womanly charm. I had to spend a lot of effort to get past my own mental barrier."

To play the bar hostess in Escapee, helmed by actor-turned-director Chang Shih and slated for release later this year, she wanted to visit nightclubs for research before filming started.

"But nobody had the time to accompany me, so I turned to watching music videos of sexy K-pop girl groups," she says.

After watching South Korean female acts' provocative dance moves and sultry pouting, she is in awe of one particular idol: girl group 4Minute member and scene-stealing guest star of Psy's Gangnam Style video, Hyuna.

"She's so young, even younger than me," says Yao Yao of the 21-year-old Korean star. "But she does sexy with such ease and confidence."

Yao Yao, whose real name is Kuo Shu-yau, shot to fame in 2009, after appearing in a Taiwanese video-gaming commercial clad in a bustier top and mini skirt.

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