Being fatter doesn't matter -- I'm still very popular, says Eason Chan

25 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Having a perfect figure is not a priority in Eason Chan's singing career as the Hong Kong singer recently revealed, and added that he will still be popular regardless of what size he is, according to at Eason's most recent image, the media has suspected the star has gained weight due to his age and diet during Chinese New Year celebrations. This caused the 38-year-old to voice out his dissatisfaction to them. "Body figure is never a problem to me. It will be very boring to see everyone having a body shape like what Andy Lau has," said Eason, who have just attended a charity event in his hometown. He also wrote in his Weibo, "Doesn't matter if I'm fat or thin, I'm still very popular."

Eason Chan
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