'Battle of the Beasts': Yet another HK pageant ridiculed for its contestants

16 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

It was a different beauty pageant held on the back of the Miss Hong Kong contest but the Miss Asia 2013 event received the same scathing coverage as the former due to its pool of contestants.

Earlier this year, organisers of the Miss Hong Kong pageant came under fire from the media for the lack of 'quality control' after they released unflattering pictures of some of their contestants.

While they may have hoped to avoid the same amount of wrath directed at the big-scale pageant, the organisers of Miss Asia 2013 could not avoid incurring the unforgiving wrath of the media.

The Miss Asia 2013 pageant was riduculed by media outlets for its contestants, who were described as 'low standards' and 'very normal', reported Xinhua.

One report even went as far as to label the pageant a 'Battle of the Beasts', in reference to what it feels is a disastrous event.

The fierce criticism wasn't just due to the lack of beauty queen potential on stage. According to reports, the contestants were lacking in their performance in front of a crowd -- some of them even exposed too much flesh for one's liking.

Check out the photos of the Miss Asia 2013 contestants, as well as images from the Miss Hong Kong 2013 pageant that took place earlier in the gallery below.

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