Barbie Hsu makes a fool of herself when she doesn't get joke about tennis player

25 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Li Na (李娜) made headlines after she made history by winning the first-ever grand slam women’s singles title for China and Asia, beating defending champion Francesca Schiavone of Italy in the French Open final.Netizens were excited and widely discussed this historical moment on China’s websphere.There was also a dry joke circulating on the microblogsphere, which was a unique way to congratulate Li Na. Since a legendary singer famous for her song Tibetan Plateau (青藏高原), and an Olympics medallist in diving both happened to be named Li Na (李娜) as well, the joke intentionally confused them as the same person that has achieved great successes in the fields of singing, diving, and tennis.The joke goes,“It was really great! In late 90s, she (singer Li Na) suddenly took the tonsure at a Buddhist temple when she became a household name for Tibetan Plateau and other popular songs. After she resumed her secular life, she (the diving queen Li Na) won the Olympic gold medal at the Sydney Games (in 2000). When people thought she has reached to the top of her career, Li Na (French Open champion) did not stop and kept making history for us by entering the finals of the grand slam women’s singles twice this year through her great efforts!‘The joke was re-posted numerous times online. Actress Barbie Hsu (aka Big S) also echoed, and commented, “God! Goddess!‘ to express her admiration to the new French Open Women’s Singles champion. But obviously, Barbie Hsu did not understand the joke, and thought the three Li Na’s said in the joke were the same person.Netizens found it interesting and found her ignorant, so they spread her comment online by saying with one voice, “I think Big S did not understand it at all‘.And as a result “I think Big S did not understand it at all‘ became the new catchphrase online too!View more photos of Barbie Hsu in the gallery below. Photos: Apple Daily, Internet, China Daily, ANN,

Barbie Hsu
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