Barbie Hsu faces pressure to have baby with businessman hubby

20 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

In her third year of marriage with Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, Barbie Hsu faces pressure to conceive, reports Asian Pop News.

After their wedding, the couple had shared plans of having a baby. Hsu had also reduced her workload and focused on enjoying her family life.

In a recent interview, her businessman husband also shared his hopes of becoming a father soon.

This reportedly added more pressure on the 36-year-old actress to have a baby.

Although there are rumours of the couple being pregnant constantly, there are no good news from them so far.

A recent Weibo posting by the actress revealed that things might have become heated between the couple.

She wrote: "There is no need to talk about anything no matter how close your family and friends are.

"If you meet any of the following situations, please shut up.

"Different political stand, different supporting teams, different values, different education, different driving routes, different idols, different religions, and different tastes.

"If anyone speaks up first, the latter must divert the topic.

"You won't get any love after winning a tiff!"

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