Attracted by these posters of Chinese DJ? You are in for a rude shock

18 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

“Little Sola Aoi” is a female DJ, Auna Chan, who is marketed as a “super model DJ” for her “devilish hot bod” and “angelic looks”.

Besides gravure modelling, it seems that Auna makes appearances in R-18 deejaying stints at night clubs, performing in skimpy bikinis.

As seen on the posters, the hype of these events are not actually the music nor the drinks, but the va-va-voom bikini babe DJs, reported Asian Town and Rocketnews24.

However, these photos -- apparently showing Auna Chan and taken at the events themselves -- have left internet users wondering if the organizers got into any trouble for a mild case of 'fraud'.

It remains unclear if this is simply a joke or a legitimate case of clever Photoshop skills and advertising done 'right'.

Check out the gallery to find out why. Photos 14 onwards show other bizarre posters and covers.

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