Asian Mark Wahlberg lookalike famous online

26 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

First there was Asian Brad Pitt, now meet Asian Mark Wahlberg.

The Straits Times via celebrity gossip website reported that the man who looks eerily similar to Hollywood celebrity and Entourage star Mark Wahlberg is in fact a man named Steven Tran.

In a video interview with, Mr Tran said he has been mistaken as the Entourage star repeatedly for the past 20 years. He added that he could not understand why people would confuse him for Wahlberg, especially since he was Asian.

Mr Tran became famous for being a celebrity lookalike recently when someone had taken a photo of him in an Apple store and uploaded it online saying "I found Asian Mark Wahlberg".

The picture has since gone viral on the internet.

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