Arissa Cheo accused of having plastic surgery -- and here's how she responds

13 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Recently, a netizen left a post and raised her doubts if Vanness Wu’s wife, Arissa Cheo had undergone plastic surgery and if she was planning to divorce with Vanness for another guy.

Arissa was extremely furious after reading the post and posted an x-ray photo on her Instagram to prove that she did not go under the knife.

Arissa wrote, “There is NO implant in my nose, I have NO fillers in my face, NO fake double eyelids, NOTHING done to my face at all.”

She also responded to the netizen’s accusation that she was cheating on Vanness.

She said, “That’s hilarious coz I personally am not even attracted to guys with money or have not even been remotely attracted or attached to any other guy but one for the past ten years.”

See more images of the gorgeous Arissa Cheo in the gallery below.

Source: Apple Daily

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