Anthony Wong: Don't compare me with Donnie Yen and Tony Leung

29 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Anthony Wong played the honourable Ip Man in the movie Ip Man: The Final Fight, reports 88 News.Although others such as Donnie Yen and Ton Leung have played the role before, he confidently said that he was not afraid of viewer comparisons of him the two mega stars because the scripts were different. Anthony Wong said, "What is there to compare? I hope viewers know that I am playing Ip Man, not Yen Chi Tan. Like the Wing chun formula, 'you hit me, I hit you, guard the middle', this has always been my acting principle. I never compare with others. "Why make the comparison? You can’t compare anyway, it’s not like we are making the same script. Although I haven’t seen the Wong Kar Wai directed THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI), I believe Wai Jai’s Ip Man is certainly different. "Yen Chi Tan’s is about fighting the Japanese in Guangzhou, my Ip Man is more real. The movie talks about labor union and the police and how to interact and survive in this social environment. IP MAN THE FINAL FIGHT is worth watching because in the film is the value of people."

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