Annie Yi's screams saved her from falling victim to possible kidnapping

2 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi may have fell victim to a possible kidnapping when she was in China to seek out potential investors for a film.

In September last year, Hong Kong actress Ada Choi feared for her life after she caught in a similar ordeal when she was forced to go for a 'meeting'.

In the same month, Elva Hsiao was also cornered into taking group photos with burly men.

According to a SEWeekly report, Yi and her agent met with a tall, bespectacled man in a Hangzhou nightclub in October last year for over an hour before they called it a night.

However, just as Yi was leaving the place, the man held onto her arm tightly and attempted to bundle her into a taxi.

Yi retained her composure enough then to scream 'No!' loudly and repeatedly.

Her screams, coupled with the sight of their struggle, attracted the attention of bystanders, which forced the man to awkwardly exit the area.

She then got her agent, who was drunk, into a cab and went back to their hotel together.

After the incident, Yi attempted to clarify things from her point of view and said: "A combination of all of us being too friendly that day, coupled with drinks led to me getting very tired.

"It's not easy forging a career in the movie industry alone, let alone me being a girl.

She also took to her Weibo account to prove that she did not intend for things to happen the way the did.

She posted: "It's easy to socialise, and that may lead to a lot of beneficial roads opening up for me.

"But I do not mind treading a rugged path on my own...and I don't care about shortcuts.

"I am not a product, so I won't hoard myself like that."

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