Annie Yi accused of "flaunting" remarriage with younger actor

12 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi will be tying the knot soon with Chinese actor Qin Hao, who is 10 years younger than her.

Recently, Annie posted a back view photo of herself in a wedding gown to share her joy with fans. The 46-year-old was praised for her slender figure and a sexy back, wearing the white gown.

However, she also received criticisms for flaunting her remarriage, with some netizens remarked that she should keep her remarriage “low-key” and she should consider her ex-husband Harlem Yu and their son Harrison Yu.

This sparked an online spat between fans who supported her and netizens who criticised her.

Annie immediately stepped in to stop the quarrel and wrote on her Weibo, “There is no need to quarrel because I am so blessed that I can even melt all malicious comments.”

As Annie did not have the chance to wear a wedding gown in her first marriage, she also wrote on her Weibo, “I have not officially worn a wedding gown before and have not held any wedding banquet. This will be the first time which my family will witness my wedding and the first time, my friends will send me their blessings. I initially thought that i will not have such opportunity in my life. I am thankful.”

“Thank you for all your concern and mockery. I pray that everyone in this world will be blissful. We can only bless others when we are happy.”

Annie reportedly will tie the knot this month with Qin Hao and the couple has plans to hold their wedding overseas. They will then return to Beijing to hold a simple wedding banquet.

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