Anita Yuen became butt of jokes at start of her filming career

18 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Anita Yuen revealed that she once screamed at director Wong Jing on the set of a production after he woke her up.

Mingpao reported that the then-showbiz newcomer -- she had entered the the industry after winning the Miss Hong Kong title -- fell asleep on set when she was too tired when she felt someone waking her up.

Without giving a care as to who that person was, she proceeded to yell at that person for disturbing her rest. Little did she know then that the person she yelled at was her director, Wong Jing.

That amusing anecdote stuck with her as the entire studio began to see her as the newcomer who yelled at Wong Jing.

Speaking at an interview about her role in a new production, Telling Maria 2, Yuen also spoke about her relationship with husband Julian Cheung Chilam.

Although she described things between them as happy, she recounted that Julian had asked her why she chose to believe the tabloid rumours rather than him, and if she was lacking a sense of security when with him.

Recounting a piece of advice Carina Lau gave her, she said: "Men are like kites; you have to let them fly a little. We tug them in a little when they are freed."

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