Angry rival fans 'wipe out' Jam Hsiao after their idol lost to him

29 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

A series of unfortunate events seem to have struck Jam Hsiao after he clinched the Best Male Singer at the recent Golden Melody Awards.

According to a Ettoday report carried on Asianpopnews, Hsiao is reportedly superstitious, and believes in the existence of an 'award curse' where bad luck will follow a person after winning an award.

His belief about this curse was so strong that when he won the Best New Actor at the 31st Golden Film Awards last year, he did not dare to bring his trophy home.

At the 24th Golden Melody Awards held recently, Jam again left his Best Male Singer trophy at his office.

Despite his best efforts to block off the 'curse', Jam seems to be hit by bad luck still.

First, Jam was first harassed by an overzealous fan, Yuki, who managed to sneak past the security gate in his apartment and take a picture of his motorcycle.

She even went up to his home in the wee hours and rang the doorbell repeatedly to get him to collect soup she made for him.

That was followed by an unusual show of displeasure by Yoga Lin's fans after Jam's win at the Golden Melody Awards.

Yoga fans, unhappy at their idol being looked over for the award, proceeded to wipe off his face and remove his voice from a video clip of the awards ceremony, which angered Jam's supporters and sparekd off a series of quarrels between both camps.

In the aftermath of the video, Yoga's manager came out to cool things down a little, saying: "Everyone watched the Golden Melody Awards. This was only the personal act of one person.

"We don't recognise that this was done by Yoga's fans."

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