Angry neighbour interrupts filming for Chrissie Chau's new movie over loud noises

25 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Chrissie Chau recently revealed that a resident of the apartment block where they were shooting a scene for Break Up 100 made a complaint over the noise level.

The complainant, who lives in the unit upstairs from where filming was going on, had called while the cast were filming an argument scene.

The scene in question saw Ekin Cheng, Tyson Chak Hoi Tai and He Haopeng engage in a loud shouting match over Chrissie Chau.

Although she was not involved in the scene, Chrissie had showed up to watch and learn from their performance.

After the scene was finished, Ekin remarked that Chrissie was extremely naive about relationships, and hoped that she would learn something from watching them argue.

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